Gantri Cloche Light Review


Bryan Maniotakis

March 22, 2024

Gantri Cloche Light Review

It should be no surprise that I’m a pretty big fanboy of Gantri at this point. Over the years, I’ve had many Gantri lights, including the Stem, Paris, Suyo, Orbit, and Carve.

They all share a few things in common — their minimalist designs with unique silhouettes, plant-based polymer, soft dimming functionality, and they are all designed by independent designers across the world.

Soft light on a bedside table with a book and eye glasses visible

The Cloche is the latest series from Gantri, in collaboration with Javier Moreno through his Spain-based Bambú Studio

His style will be right up the alley of our typical readers — minimalist in nature, with a touch of some of the best parts of Nordic design.

Woman adjusting dimmable switch on light on nightstand

The lamp comes in two different styles, depending on whether you want a small table light like mine or the free-standing Floor Light.

Light sitting on some books in a shelf in an office

Both offer the same rounded design, evoking a softness that allows them to fit into many room designs. Its gentle shape makes it fall into the room's background without making a sizeable visual footprint.

Lamp resting on a pile of books with a plant visible in the foreground

The light comes in 3 different shades, all revolving around natural earth tones. I’ve got the model in Sand, but it also comes in a Stone and Carbon color.

3 lamps on a website showing the colors its available in

One of my favorite parts of all of the Gantri products I have is their unique LED bulb inside of each lamp. They cast an incredibly soft, even, warm light throughout your room that looks more like the light from a paper lantern than anything else.

Lamp sitting on a pile of books on a shelf. Books visible.

Lighting has always been an essential part of the environment I’m in. Photographing and writing about products here on minimalgoods isn’t my full-time job, which often leaves me working late into the night once everything else in my day is wrapped up.

The soft, diffused light of the Cloche has fit right into my office, earning it a permanent spot on the shelf behind my desk. 

Lamp sitting on some books on a shelf

I’ve plugged the Cloche into a cheap smart plug which automatically turns on the light when it detects the sun is setting in my location. I’ve set up another manual trigger at 2 am that turns the light off automatically for me each night.

As the hours of the night tick away, its gentle glow fills the room until I hear the soft “click” of the light turning off, reminding me that I really should be in bed.

Photo of lamp on a shelf with books visible.

Great design can be affordable, which is a hallmark of these products. The Cloche table light is priced at $198, and the floor lamp goes for $398.

If you’re looking for a Gantri coupon code, use MINGOOD20 for $20 off your order.

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