Gantri Paris Table Light Review


Bryan Maniotakis

August 22, 2023

Gantri Paris Table Light Review

The Paris Table Light is a simple, elegant lamp designed by Javier Martinez and produced by California based Gantri

Each light from Gantri is 3D printed, with a dimmable switch, allowing you to dim the LED lighting to suit your room.

The Paris comes in 5 different colors, ranging from a soft blue (Sky) shown here, as well as Carbon, Snow, Fog and Midnight.

The light emits a soft yellow glow, complimenting the blue nicely.

The base connects seamlessly with the stem of the lamp. These smooth features are some of my favorite across the lineup of products.

If you're looking for more Gantri products, I've also done a review on the Suyo, Carve, and the Orbit.

Gantri coupon code

If you’re interested in this, or one of the many more Gantri lights, they’ve offered minimalgoods readers a discount code of $20 with coupon code MINGOODS20.


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