Gantri Orbit Lamp Review

Gantri Orbit Lamp Review

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October 7, 2021

I originally discovered Gantri on Instagram and found myself continually posting their designs. Their overall esthetic is something that feels very consistent (impressive considering how many designers they use) while fitting perfectly into the whole vibe for the minimalgoods Instagram account.

A few things to note about Gantri which makes them different—they use multiple designers for their products and manufacture all of them in California using 3D printing. This keeps the designs fresh while maintaining an affordable price point for designer items.

When they reached out to me to see if I was interested in review their Orbit light designed by Quirino, I couldn’t resist.

The first you’ll notice from the Orbit is the unique telescope-like design. The matte light was designed to mimic the fluid movement of the planets.

Like all Gantri products, this lamp was 3D printed in the snow color. Much to my surprise, I was told the lamp takes around 65 hours to print in total.

Looking down into the deep center, you’ll find a single bulb, which is controlled by the dimmer switch on the cord.

The silhouette is very striking. I like these forward-thinking, simple designs that feel like they could fit in well on a sci-fi movie set.

Sharp, simple lines, combined with subtly rounded edges give this lamp a really sleek look.

Sitting at 11.75” high, and 8” wide, it’s a pretty commanding size.

From certain angles, you can really see the telescope style inspiration in the design.

As with all Gantri products, branding is kept to a minimum, here is the simple logo on the bottom of the base. You can also see 3 small notches on the base, which allow you to easily rotate the lamp to your preference.

With the matte material, the lamp has a subtle texture to the touch.

Edges throughout the lamp are slightly rounded, giving it a softer overall look.

It looks like most (if not all) of Gantri lights are controlled by this simple dimmable switch. Sliding the left side of the control will increase the brightness of the lamp. While I like the soft grey of the cord contrasting the lamp, the switch itself feels a little bit a large.

The light itself gives off a gentle, warm glow. If you visit the Orbit product page on the Gantri site, you can get a better idea of the size of the light in a darker environment. In the above photo, the light is set pretty dim.

Here, you can get an idea of what kind of light it will output at a higher setting.

Overall, this piece is very unique and has received multiple comments in my home. Since it has a directional light, I think it’s best used to highlight some artwork or brighten up a wall. Gantri products fit in perfectly with the products I post daily on Instagram, and can’t wait to see what kind of products they put out next.

They've offered $20 off for minimalgoods readers by visiting through the link below.


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