Gantri Carve Light Review


Bryan Maniotakis

March 23, 2024

Gantri Carve Light Review
The Carve is a unique new addition to the Gantri wall-mounted lineup, and it’s soft, focused light is ideal for a variety of places within the home.

I’ve been using Gantri products for a few years now, but I’ve only really had experience with their line up of table lights. The Orbit currently lives on my shelving unit directed at some artwork, and the Suyo and Paris light adorn my living room.

For those unfamiliar with Gantri, their products are designed by multiple designers from all over the world, all constructed using sustainable plant-based materials, and built in California.

I was super excited when Gantri sent over one of their latest products—the Carve Wall Light. Most of my experience is with their table lamps, so this is the first time I’m able to check out one of the wall mounted lights.

Light in corner of room

I really like what California based designers Ammunition did with the Carve design. I’ve found Gantri has somewhat of a signature style with soft, rounded designs, and the Carve stands outs in their lineup by keeping that soft familiarity, but offsetting it with some more structural, hard lines.

Wall light on an angle
Design team reviewing prototypes

This design not only looks great, but it opens up more options in where you can mount the light. I checked out some of their marketing photos, and it looks like they are all mounted in the middle of the wall like what you would expect with most wall lamps.

Wall mounted light above bed

Instead of doing the same, I decided to try out placing it in a corner instead. After using some 3M fasteners to temporarily mount the light in various places throughout my apartment, I settled on of the corners inside my office.

Light in corner of room with posters

Once I had the spot figured out, I decided to use the included mounting kit from Gantri, instead of relying on these 3M strips. They’re great for things like picture frames, but I wouldn’t trust them when it comes to anything else.

Inside the mounting kit is a screw, a dry wall anchor, and a plastic mounting piece that you slide the light onto once it’s attached to the wall.

Wall mount visible with lamp

The Carve light comes in two orientations, left and right — I received the right version, in the forest color. It’s a really rich, dark green and like other my other Gantri lights, it has a subtle texture, almost like painted drywall.

Close up of lamp

Looking at the light from the bottom you can see how tight the tolerances are for how flush the whole piece is assembled. It’s a nice touch.

Lamp from the bottom angle

The same thing applies to where the power cord extends out of the base. There is just enough room for movement, while keeping the design super clean.

Close up of lamps power cord

I loved that they gave their dimmer control a fresh design since the last time I tried one of their products. The clean, white control with its minimal markings are a huge improvement over the switch used in their older models — a grey utilitarian thing that didn’t feel like it matched the design of the products.

White dimmer switch on cord
Comparison of old and new dimmer switch

It looks like they redesigned the outlet slightly as well — now it’s rounded off, matching the design of the switch. Nice.

Wall plug

The output is a soft-white, hovering around 2700k color temperature. The bulbs are energy efficient at 100 lumens / watt, and the dimmer allows you to switch from a very soft glow, to a pretty bright directional light.

If you ever need to replace the bulb, just make sure it’s 5W, E12 base size, and has dimming capability, and you’ll be good to go.

Lamp in corner with light on
Dark room with light on

I’ve got my Gantri lights in my office all hooked up to some cheap little smart outfights that I got off Amazon. Instead of having to manually turn on each lamp, I’ve got them configured to automatically turn on when the sun is 30 minutes away from setting, and in the early morning as a reminder that I really should be heading to bed. While it may sound like a small thing, having these lights run by automation allows me to enjoy them more, without even having to think about it.

2020 has been a shit year for everyone, but it has enabled me to reconnect with certain things that I was lacking the time for—reading. I’m finding myself taking more time to work through my bookshelf, and the combination of multiple dim lights, automation, and a dedicated space, make it all the better.

Lamp in office with poster and plants

After curating so many products on the minimalgoods Instagram over the last few years, I tend to be the guy that people ask for when it comes to product design recommendation, and lights are no exception.

I’m not kidding when I say I recommend Gantri to everyone looking for lighting. Typically good design comes at an extraordinary price, but they’ve managed to hit the perfect price point with designs that are bound to please most people, making these great gift ideas as well.

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Gantri has offered minimalgoods readers $20 off with coupon code MINGOOD20. Enjoy!

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