Mishima — A Mid Century Lounge Chair

Mishima — A Mid Century Lounge Chair

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November 6, 2022

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What comes to mind when you think of a mid-century lounge chair? Chances are, it’s probably one of the classics, like an Eames Lounger or Barcelona Chair.

These chairs are renowned for their timeliness design, high-quality materials, and a certain sense of elegance that’s hard to fully realize until you’ve sat in one yourself.

Mishima is a modern take on the classic lounge chair that follows the same principles of the classics but is also inspired by ancient Japanese artistry.


The frame for the Mishima lounge chair is a polyamide polymer, typically used in the aerospace field. It’s known for its strength, processability, and moisture resistance. Carbon fiber is also used throughout the frame, giving it a surprisingly light feel despite its strength.

A variety of material options

The added benefit of the Mishima lounge chair, compared to others on the market, is the variety of options for material and color selection for both the seat and the frame.

Mohair extreme

If you’re looking for a natural fiber, the Mohair version is made with the wool of the Angora Goat, which resides in the mountains of Tibet and is considered one of the oldest fiber textiles in existence.


This Italian yard is soft, comfortable, and great for some bolder color options.


Last but not least, the MIshima comes in various colors in two different types—Vicenza and Edelman Full Grain leather.

Chair design

I love the simplicity and shape of the chair. It gives off that timeless vibe but still has a modern feel from its asymmetric frame. These designs are foundationally strong, but it has a very light, floaty appearance when viewed from the side. 

Check out their video promo; it’s one of the more unique takes on furniture I’ve ever seen.

Mishima — A Mid Century Lounge Chair
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