Reel Jump Rope — A Design Optimized for Kids


Bryan Maniotakis

August 22, 2023

Reel Jump Rope — A Design Optimized for Kids

Odomo TV” is a children’s TV program where experts from various fields come face-to-face with the ideas of “free-thinking” children and try to make them happen.

Examples include children’s humming being turned into music by professional musicians, and actors improvising a play based on a nonsensical story and event created by children.

This skipping rope was designed to address the issue of tangling when storing the rope. It is compact and easy to carry, with handles in the shape of non-slip square rings that fit together as a single object. The string can be easily wound up like a yoyo, and the handles serve as a slim storage case that can be carried around without the risk of the rope accidentally unraveling. To use the rope, simply pull the handles apart and the rope will naturally fall out and untangle, ready to be used. The skipping rope is perfect for children, as it is easy to grasp and prevents tangling.

Design by Nendo

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