Circo Glassware — A Simple Cup with a Built In Coaster


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Circo Glassware — A Simple Cup with a Built In Coaster

Circo reached out to me a few months back to see if there was any interest in checking out their product—simple glassware with a patented felt base they call the Rolocoaster.

The idea behind the Rolocoaster is that you can slip it onto your glass and place it down on a counter without having to worry about leaving rings on your delicate surface. I recently learned the hard way that sweet vermouth tends to stain white countertops (oops) heavily, so I was interested in trying these out. Here are my thoughts after using them for the last few months.

Circo offers their glassware in two sizes. The Curve 90 glass feels like a traditional old fashioned cocktail glass and holds about 9.5oz of liquid. The taller glass called the Curve 120 glass is more of a conventional size, coming in at 13.5oz.

The glasses themselves are pretty hefty starting at the base, and it looks like the glass slowly gets a little bit thinner near the top of the glass.

Branding is kept to a minimum as you would expect, with a simple Circo logo stamped into the bottom of each glass.

Enter the Rolocoaster. As you can see, they are available in a ton of colors, and since the base of each glass is the same size, you’re able to swap these out as you see fit.

I was sent a few bright colors as well as some of the monochrome greys to get a better idea of the full range.

Each Rollocoaster is constructed of an absorbent felt material that has quite a bit of texture. If you have an icy drink, the felt material makes the glass more comfortable to hold.

Here you can see what the bottom of the glass looks like with the Rolocoaster on. It leaves a decent amount of space between the felt and the base, so you shouldn’t have to worry about condensation dripping down onto your surface.

Spinning it around, you can see there is a small seam visible on each Rolocoaster. The stitching seems to be done very well, as the consistency between each stitch is consistent throughout all of the samples I have.

Each glass is handblown by artisans in Poland from ultra-clear, lead-free crystalline glass, so they are going to be pretty tough while being super transparent.

While I can appreciate all the colors they offer, I do like the light and dark grey versions they sent over the best, as the brighter colors mixed with a colorful drink can get pretty noisy.

Overall, I think these glasses are pretty unique and are particularly great for cocktails. My favorite glassware overall are the Bodum Pavina double-walled glasses, but they have a tendency to break even with a slight tap or stir, so they aren’t suitable for cocktails.

These, on the other hand, will do the trick just fine 🥃

Update: Circo has offered a 20% discount for minimalgoods readers using the coupon code MINIMAL20
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