Google Pixel Watch

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April 10, 2021

Looks like a leak of the Google Pixel watch just happened, including some visuals, and a rumoured released date.

Google Pixel Watch design

Reputable tech insider Jon Prosser just worked with a 3D artist (@rendersbyian) to visualize the watch after seeing photographs of them in person. As some of us expected, the watch face looks like a simple circle, with various colored bands to suit your mood. I don't really expect anything less of smart watches these days, as the primary goal of the watch isn't to have a flashy design, but rather to let the content on the screen take focus.

Google Pixel Watch release date

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the source behind the leak claims the watch is going to be released "sometime in october"

Earlier concepts

Note: The concept below was posted before the leaks of the Google Pixel Watch were confirmed

I'm always on the look out for interesting watches, but have always been a little bit apprehensive about most smart watches on the market. I find the designs are often a bit too bulky, and most of them are very similar to one another.

I recently discovered this Google Pixel watch concept from designer James Tsai, and I like the simple approach he took to breathing a little fresh perspective into what's typically seen.

It has all the features you would expect out of a modern smart watch, but the design is by far the most interesting thing about this piece. It reminds me of Swatch in a sense—playful, doesn't take itself too seriously, but has a certain charm that's hard to resist.

Nice work.

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