Muse - a timeless, portable light with style

Muse - a timeless, portable light with style

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September 21, 2021

Muse is a brand new portable light from Tala in collaboration with color and wallpaper experts Farrow & Ball.

Muse comes in 3 colors ranging from neutral white and black, to a softer matte green. 

The lamp is focused on sustainability and repairability so that it doesn’t end up where most plastic lamps go when they die—the landfill. While the bulb looks traditional in design, it’s made with an LED light that should give it up to 24 hours of usage.

As an added bonus, the Muse is weatherproof, allowing it to be used either indoors, or out.

I like the little brass details on this—from the simple handle protruding out of the top, to how the bulb is elevated in the canister, as well as as the matching dimmable switch on the front.

Photos by Farrow & Ball and (c) James Merrell 

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