Ekster Wallet Review - Is it worth the hype?


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Ekster Wallet Review - Is it worth the hype?

I’m always on the lookout for wallets, whether for personal use or to give them away to friends (they make great gifts). I’ve tried multiple types of wallets over the years and wanted to try something new, so after looking for an  Ekster wallet review and not finding any, I purchased one and decided to write my own.

I bought their Parliament Wallet in one of the lightest colors (Roma Cognac), learning that it was one of their most popular products.

Here is my Ekster wallet review after using it daily for the last couple of weeks.

About Ekster

Two dutch students created the company via a Kickstarter campaign after they wanted to provide slimmer, leather wallets to their customers with more features than the competition. Since then, they’ve branched out into other everyday carry items like phone cases and some additional accessories.

The quality of their products has seemed to have made an impact, as their Instagram already boasts 130,000+ followers.

Their products are available not only online, but at some major retailers in the US like Macy’s as well.

man holding up ekster wallet in front of laptop

Ekster wallet materials

One of the most significant differences with Ekster compared to other brands is their dedication to sustainability. 

While their products look, feel (and smell) like natural leather, they are actually vegan recycled leather made from car windshields. 

As I feel this wallet in my hand right now, I honestly can’t tell that it isn’t regular leather.

It’s a nice little bonus when you buy into companies like these, especially when they are on a journey to becoming completely climate neutral.

What type of wallet is Esker?

Ekster positions their wallet as a Slim wallet (.3cm thick)

Esker Parliament wallet review

I opted for the simple Parliament wallet after being curious about their standout feature: quick card access. I placed the order, and it arrived at my doorstep within a week.

ekster wallet packaging

The box is pretty straightforward but has a subtle gloss over the Ekster logo, giving it a nice little shine when you view it from an angle.

ekster wallt package opened showing wallet

Once you pop it open, you’re greeted with the wallet, wrapped in a simple branded tissue (not pictured here). It’s pretty snug inside, which helps with packaging costs, as well as shipping.

tan colored ekster wallet on white counter

I’ve always been drawn to the natural color of leather, and this is no exception. I like how these soft tan colors look great out of the box but slowly darken over time, giving it a bit of personality over the years.

close up of ekster wallet mechanism

The wallet is pretty minimal in its appearance, as you can see. Visually, there is a simple debossed logo on the bottom right, stitching around all of the edges, and the characteristic thumb switch that allows easy access to all of your cards.

Ekster Wallet standing up on a white counter

It’s pretty tiny for a wallet but has a bit of thickness in the center, where it holds all of your cards.

Ekster Wallet opened, showing elastic band inside

When you open up the wallet, you see a little more detail, including their full logo, as well as a small brand on the elastic strap that surrounds the main compartment.

Ekster Wallet floating on white counter

The most defining feature is the thumb switch. I liked how the designers kept it protected with the leather enclosure but cut out just enough room for easy access.

Close up of ekster wallet logo

I rarely carry cash anymore, but the elastic band on the inside is where you can store it. I always found that buying wallets was a bit of a gamble up here in Canada since some wallets are designed with slimmer US currency in mind.

The good thing about this sort of cash storage is that you never have to worry about it not fitting.

Ekster wallet flipped over showing backside

Flipping it over, you can see the back is pretty straightforward as well. No branding is visible; instead, you have a small slip that’s perfect for 1-2 additional cards.

man using release mechanism for ekster wallet review

Here’s the fun part.

After you depress the button, you’ll see your cards gracefully fan out at the top of the wallet. Instead of including additional paperwork in the box, Esker provided instructions in card format, which allows you to see the quick release in action as soon as you open the box.


Card packaging laid out on table

The wallet came with these six individual cards, and they are all pretty similar to the thickness of a regular credit card. These cards include how to give feedback on their products, a QR code for the user manual, their story, their Instagram account for giveaways, as well as their referral program.

Ekster wallet with card on the outside

How many cards can the esker wallet fit?

The Ekster Parliament can have around ten to fifteen cards in the wallet. The quick-release compartment comfortably holds 6, and the rest can be split evenly between the three additional pockets.

Who is the Esker wallet for?

The Ekster is an excellent choice for someone with a fair amount of cards they need to carry around but still want to keep them in as much of a minimal package as possible. 

Who is the Esker wallet not for?

If you’re only carrying around a few cards at a time, I wouldn’t recommend this wallet. Other slimmer options on the market are better suited for fewer cards because they don’t need the extra space for quick-release hardware.

Ekster wallet

The Ekster Tracker Card

I thought this was pretty interesting - Ekster also offers this credit card-sized tracker card that allows you to locate your wallet if you ever lose it. You just download the mobile app, link it to the card, and it’s ready to get lost.

It’s got a two-month battery in it, and it has a small solar panel on it for easy charging.

How to set up Ekster tracker

  1. Double-tap the Eskster logo on the card
  2. Download the Chipolo app from the app store (iPhone and Android)
  3. Turn Bluetooth on, open the Chipolo app and connect it to your Eskter
  4. Find Eskter in the list of products, and connect the app to your card
  5. Good to go!


Is an Ekster wallet worth it?

Secrid wallet vs Ekster wallet

Ekster vs. Secrid

The other main wallet in this quick-release market is the Secrid. I received one of these as a best man gift a few years ago and used it daily for about two years. 

Both are similar in size and design, but the Secrid doesn’t let you carry as many cards. 

If I were forced between picking between one of them, I would go for the Ekster. I like how the switch is inset into the design, rather than out in the open like it is on the Secrid.

It seems to be a pretty hot topic on reddit, where people typically go back and forth between which one they prefer.

man holding ekster wallet in hand

Can you sit on the Ekster wallet?

Yes, but it probably won’t be comfortable because of the hardness from the quick release section. I would probably recommend either carrying it in your front pocket or just removing it when you want to sit down.

Man taking card out of ester wallet, with cash visible

How long do Ekster wallets last?

Leather is notoriously strong, so I don’t think you would have to worry too much about this thing falling apart. There is a mechanism for the quick release, but it’s pretty simple and shouldn’t be that prone to failure, from what I can see.

Ekster wallet warranty

It looks like Ekster stands behind the quality of their products by giving customers a 1-year warranty from the date of delivery. If you’re not happy with the wallet, you can always return it within 30 days of receiving your order.

Is Ekster legit?

They’ve been around for a while and have sold a ton of wallets. I can’t find many bad things online about them, and their site boasts over 22600+ reviews. Not bad.

Hand holding Ekster wallet with plant in background

Ekster wallet discount

Ekster wallets do go on sale once in a while. I bought my Parliament for $67 from $89 for their cyber week sale, but I imagine they have ongoing promotions throughout the year. Keep an eye out on their social media or newsletter, and I assume they’ll send out some notifications.

Where to buy Ekster wallet

The cheapest place to get Ekster wallets is directly from their site.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think if you’re the kind of person that has at least six cards in their wallet but want something slim and well-designed to hold them in, I would recommend this.

The quick-release feature is excellent, and it’s honestly a bit weird to go back to my old wallet and have to dig out the cards one by one.

I haven’t personally tried the tracker card that they recommend purchasing with the wallet, but I’m now curious to try one myself based on all the positive reviews.

If you're looking for another solid option, check out my review of the Bellroy Hide & Seek

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