Kane Shoes — a polarizing design made for recovery


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Kane Shoes — a polarizing design made for recovery

Being active in any capacity means that you know the feeling of sore, overstretched, or just plain achy feet after a good workout. Back in the day, a pair of slippers or slides did the job of allowing your feet to relax and air out, but not today.

Thanks to the innovation of people from different backgrounds and disciplines, we now have a category of workout gear called “recovery shoes.” Their job is to allow your feet to relax, stretch, as well as be supported as they recover from the strenuous exercise they’ve just been through.

Well, if you’ve browsed long enough, you’ll know that Kane Footwear produces one of the more popular options on that market, the Kane Revive recovery shoes. So are they good contenders for that job?

man wearing wet kane shoes

About Kane Footwear

Before we dive into the actual shoes, here’s a little bit of information about the company making them. 

Kane Footwear was established in 2020 by: 

  • Retired lacrosse player and CEO of Maverik Lacrosse, John Gagliardi
  • Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned foot surgeon and podiatrist on-staff at Providence St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica and K&B Surgical Center in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Bobby Riley, CEO of Soldier Unlimited, a branding and marketing agency.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the original launch in the summer of 2021. The campaign was a hit, raising almost $120,000, and putting Kane Revive shoes on the market as a serious competitor to other popular, more established brands.

The design

At first glance, the Kane Revive recovery shoes look like a cross between Crocs and running shoes. They have a wide toe box, but they taper to a less wide point unlike Crocs, and the shoe has a similar volume to some sneakers. 

The soles are pretty high to allow for more cushioning action. They’re made from Brazilian sugarcane (hence the “Kane” brand name. Clever!), which makes the shoes 75% eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable. The colored soles also have a super cool speckled pattern to boot.

man putting on kane shoes after workout

The uppers are made of pretty rigid, but flexible material that has an abundance of perforations for airflow and breathability. You can visibly see the mold seam down the middle, which isn’t a great look in lighter colors, but not everyone has an issue with that.

The great news is they’re washable, they dry quickly, and the colors don’t fade or go grimy that fast. This is great if you intend to wear them to a sauna or ice bath for recovery after a gym session.

Let’s face it, though; all the great design points would fall flat if the Revive shoes looked, well, aesthetically unappealing like some other recovery shoe options. The good news is that they don’t. 

The overall look is pretty restrained and sleek, and even the bright colors are done well, making the shoes a great choice for running errands after the gym.

They’re also not that large or bulky, so you won’t look like you’re walking on a couple of gondolas trying to catch the subway.

The Fit

Kane Revive shoes are unisex and the size chart only has whole sizes.

That’s great if you have regular-width feet since you can stick to the size chart as is. If you have wider feet, Kane Footwear advises you to size up. This allows for more of a comfort fit, or you can stick to your size for a more snug fit.

For narrow feet, you can size down. Just keep in mind that Revive shoes are closed-back, so make sure your feet are fully stretched in length before you opt for a smaller size.

The Feel

Looks aren’t everything, so let’s get into how the shoes feel when worn. 

For the first few minutes, you’ll probably feel like you’re walking on air. The high soles are so soft that they offer little to no resistance. That said, they’re not too squishy. In fact, the RestoreFoam™ from which the soles are made is pretty great at offering support to the arches.

The insoles have some raised nubs that are supposed to stimulate blood flow and offer the soles of your feet a massage of some sort. Well, aside from helping the shoes be a little more grippy, these nubs don’t feel like much at all.

The uppers are relatively flexible, but the material can cause some blistering if you wear them with no socks and go on a long walk. This can be a problem if you intend to wear them as water shoes, as the friction with wet feet can increase the chances of blisters on the top of your toes.

Worn with socks, they can be comfortable for long-distance walking, jogging, or even light running. Choosing a pair that fits closely on the ankles is important, though, since the shoes can be a little unstable if you have ankles on the slimmer side. 

The Price Point

Currently priced at $75, some might say the shoes are a little overpriced for what they are; more stylish Crocs. If you have the money to spare and are looking for shoes to take you from the gym to the grocery store and back home, then you can go for the Kane Revive shoes.

On the other hand, they’re not a revolutionary product by any stretch of the imagination. They do their job well and seem durable enough, but only time will tell on that last one.

What others are saying

I went looking around for some other honest opinions and I found some decent feedback from users over at reddit.

"They give me some support while walking around the house and small errands. I often hit the sauna after a run and lift. This has been my favorite application; workout, put on the Kanes, go to the sauna, rinse off, and go home. I just leave them on and it’s all good."

To Wrap Up

Kane Footwear took the concept of recovery shoes and produced a pair that looks and feels great, all while maintaining support for your feet and the environment. 

Kane shoes are lightweight, washable, and comfortable enough to be the slip-ons you opt for on regular errands, as well. However, if you can’t justify splurging $75 on a pair, you’re probably better off with a cheaper alternative.

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