12 Nativity Sets Focused on Minimalism (2023)


Taylor Anderson

February 26, 2024

12 Nativity Sets Focused on Minimalism (2023)

When you picture a nativity set in a home during Christmas, what do you picture? It’s often a realistic depiction of a manger scene, complete with full color realistic models of everyone. 

As it turns out, many people don’t want a detailed nativity scene, and are looking for some alternate options.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite nativity scenes from a variety of makers, and they are all presented in a minimalist design, but still convey the full story of a traditional nativity set.


This is a great looking minimalist nativity scene using a simple arrangement of blocks of varying heights. The set includes 14 figures in total, and the center of attention in this scene is represented by a simple block made out of brass.

This entire set is handmade in Austria.

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Bauhaus minimal nativity scene

How’s this for a completely different take on things? This nativity set is inspired by the minimalist bauhaus movement, and instead of a traditional design, each piece is a simple wooden block with a printed description of who they represent.

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Modern stained glass nativity set

I usually don’t like a lot of stained glass art, but I can’t deny the simplicity of this modern nativity scene represented by a few pieces of colored glass on a wooden stand.

There are options for different colored bases depending on your tastes, ranging from a light Birch color to a dark Mahogany, 

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Minimalist wooden nativity scene

This is one of the simpler nativity scenes on this list, but the simple shapes and design still represent the class scene in a modern way. There are choices between a wooden finish and an off-white finish, my choice definitely leans towards the white.

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Minimal nativity set

This is one of the cheaper sets on this list, but it’s still a great choice if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, but want to keep it a little more on the abstract side of things. 

The white and wood color combination on this is my favorite part.

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Modern nativity scene with peg dolls

This scene is a bit different from the others, as every character in the scene is based upon a wooden peg. It’s made of natural wood (linden & pine) and isn’t painted or varnished.

This gives a great natural look to the set, for people that want to stick to a set that will fit into any room.

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Modern wooden nativity set

I can’t include a set without a little splash of color! This is another minimal take on the classic nativity scene using simple wood shapes, but the color gives it a little bit of extra personality.

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Cast iron nativity scene

Not into wood? No problem. This cast iron set still sticks with an overall minimalistic representation of the scene, but uses simple cast iron to set itself apart.

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Minimal wood and concrete nativity scene

Wood and concrete always go well together, and this simple scene shows why. Each character body is represented with concrete, and the wooden heads offer a soft texture and splash of color.

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Minimal white porcelain nativity set

This is another simple representation, but instead of mixed materials, it utilizes white porcelain instead.

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Beautiful, modern nativity art piece

Out of everything on the list, this one feels like more of an art piece than anything. It only has 3 figures, but everyone is encased in this simple organic shape, with a small hole to let in some light.

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Modern wooden nativity scene

This is a fun little scene, because you tell the designer wanted to make it feel more playful than anything. Rather than a traditional set, this almost has the vibe of a children's toy.

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