Lampi Men's Bag Collection


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Lampi Men's Bag Collection

Episode Studio is a young product design studio created in 2018 by the French designers Nathan Baraness and Marina Daguet based between Milan and Paris.

Lampi is a set of three men’s bags developed for the leather goods brand Groom Paris. It consists of a backpack, a city bag and a weekend travel bag. The three pieces were thought around the collar stud, a piece of hardware used in traditional leather goods manufacturing to adjust bag straps. Minimal and pure, the whole collection is made of black vegetal-tanned leather. The collection was presented in early 2018 at the Première Classe salon in Paris and has been released a few months ago.

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Photos by Julien Chaintreau & Nathan Baraness

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