Divo Box Dog Bed

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May 28, 2021

Having a pet is always fun, but it's often hard to find well designed pet products that are simple, built to last, and don't look horrendous in your home. I just stumbled across the Divo Box Dog Bed, and noticed that it checks off all the boxes.

It's designed with soft, sturdy bolders, giving the entire thing a flexible shape without being too rigid. It's also got an elastic mattress sewn. into the bottom portfion of the dog bed, so your dog has a nice comfortable place to rest. The foam of the mattress is somewhat soft, allowing the shape to contour to the body of your dog.

Divo dog bed colors

If you're feeling a bit spicy, you can get the dog bed in 5 different colors depending on the decor of your home. I'm always a fan of the grey, but this mustard version is pretty nice too. Other colors include Mocca, nude, pebble and slate.

Divo Materials

As a bonus, the filing of the dog bed is made from environmentally-friendly recycled foam. The cushions and beds are both made from breathable materials, and both are removable, allowing you to toss them in the washer when you need.

Divo Box Dog Bed Sizes

Divo comes in four sizes which should be able to fit most size dogs.


Approximately 70x55x22 cm, this size bed is going to be best suited for breeds like the Yorkshire terrier, and toy dachhund.


Small/Medium comes in at 80x65x24cm, which is best for pugs, poodles, pinschers, and other smaller breeds


Medium is 91x71x26, best for beagles, cocker spaniel and schnauzers


Large comes in at 120x93x30, which will comfortable hold your bernese mountain dog, boxer, golden retreiver, or dalmation.

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