Jord Cora Wood Watch Review


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Jord Cora Wood Watch Review

Note: This article was written in 2014, and doesn't really represent the type of product minimalgoods is now curating.

I initially discovered the Jord watch through Reddit after seeing them sponsor a variety of esports events. After visiting their site, it seems like they have a pretty unique position in the watch market by only offering wood watches, in the 100 to 300 dollar range, also available on Amazon.

This is where Jord watches get interesting. Wood watches aren’t exactly subtle, so their products can be pretty polarizing to people. I’ve got a pretty minimalistic watch collection, so seeing a few of these were a bit of a shock.

Jord Wood Watches

Thankfully they do have a few more straightforward pieces on the site, but wooden bracelets still carry a pretty big visual footprint.

Jord Wood Watches

After looking through them all, I chose the Cora in Zebrawood & Turquoise for its relative simplicity and the color palette. My girlfriend Becky likes products that are made of natural materials, so I figured she would love this the most.

Along with the theme, the watch box itself is made of wood as well. The Jord watch logos are debossed nicely.

Jord wood box

The lid slides off easily from the small finger marking.


Which reveals the Jord watch on a small display pillow.


Some documentation is included – turns out they are all too large for the width of the box, so everything originally came out looking pretty bent.


Some extra links and spring bars are included.


The watch is looking pretty good when you see it for the first time.


My first reaction upon picking up the watch was that its light. I just assumed it would weigh a decent amount because of the material, but it turns out zebrawood is just a light, porous wood.


I did a little reading into zebrawood, and it turns out the wood saws well, but can be very difficult to plane or surface due to the prevalence of interlocking grain. You can see a small gap between the dial edge and the wood; it seems like it may be a byproduct of working with this type of material.

Jord Cora watch review

I do like the contrast of the dial to the dark wood.


The sapphire glass should be reasonably hard to scratch.


The strap includes a simple stainless steel deployment clasp.


8 Swarovski crystal markers are located around the dial.


It includes a pushdown crown to help with water resistance.


The movement is a Sea-Gull ST6103K, which can be seen through a display window on the front of the dial. The site states an accuracy of +/- 3 seconds a day. After timing it for 24 hours, the watch was only off by just under a second.


The automatic movement is also viewable with a display back. The movement supplies power for about 36 hours.


If you’re looking to stand out a bit, the Jord watch line offers something unique. Priced at $279 USD, you’re looking at a watch that’s within the average of other wooden watches in the market.


The case width is 37mm, and the band thickness is about 22mm. I think it’s a pretty good size for a ladies wrist, with that slight chunky look you would expect from a wooden watch.

Jord Cora Wooden watch

Final thoughts

Overall, I think this is a pretty impressive wooden watch. Becky has been wearing it for about four weeks now, and she was initially drawn to it because she doesn’t typically wear metal jewelry. She also isn’t a watch person overall, so I think it’s a pretty good sign that she’s wearing it as often as she is. Over those last four weeks, she’s had multiple people ask about it, and when she gave it to them, the first thing everyone said was that they were surprised how light it was in weight.

Overall, I think they have figured out a decent price point for what the product is. If we look at automatic movements on the lower cost side of things, we naturally land on something like the famous Seiko 5 line. The next tier up, we’re getting into the Seagull line (which uses the same movement), then we finally land on Jord watches where you’re paying a little bit more for something a lot more unique.

While some of the wooden Jord watch designs can be a little over the top for my tastes, I think something like the Cora would be a great gift for someone that’s looking for a fun, unique watch that will stand out.

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