HeyMat Review

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June 9, 2021

HeyMat was started by a married couple in 2015, with the goal of offering well designed decorative mats for the home, but with the quality and construction of an industrial mat. The mats are made from recycled materials, and they collaborate with a variety of designers from their home in Norway.
I’m not quite sure when the first time I saw the Sand Mat (pretty sure it was on Instagram), but I remember loving it right away as it reminded me of the zen gardens on my trip to Kyoto in Japan.

I chose the Sand Mat in the 60cm x 90cm size, as it’s the perfect size for our front door but it’s also available in a larger 87cm x 130cm which is probably better suited as an outdoor mat.

No fancy packaging here (it is a mat after all), but each one comes with a small tag with the HeyMat brand.

The raked Sand design of the map doesn’t only look good, it’s functional at removing grime off shoes due to its surprisingly coarse material, with varying height through the design.

The backing of the mat is made of anti-slip in SBR rubber and stays in place nicely at the front door, it hasn’t slid around once since it arrived. It’s a small detail, but notice how the rubber grips mimic the design of the front of the mat as well.

The construction is flawless from what I can tell. It’s rigid, reasonably easy to clean with a vacuum, and has held up so far with the beginnings of our Canadian winter.

We have a large outdoor patio in our apartment as well, so I also opted for the larger Eine Noon mat with a simple geometric pattern, and a little bit more color.

This mat is considerably softer to walk on than the Sand Mat, so I’m almost wishing I got the larger version of the Sand mat for the patio, and kept this smaller one for the inside.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with the build quality, and selection of tasteful designs.


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