11+ Bottle Humidifier Review

11+ Bottle Humidifier Review

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August 19, 2021

A thoughtfully designed and visually appealing humidifier is surprisingly hard to find. I ended up purchasing a white Middle Colors humidifier for my bedroom, but I wanted something smaller and more suitable for my desk at work or home.

After discovering the Bottle Humidifier designed by Yeongkyu Yoo over at 11+, I was immediately sold. Here is my review of it after regular use over the last year.

Note: This review doesn’t contain any images of the packaging, but I would recommend you check them out at Yeongkyu’s Behance Project.

+11 bottle humidifier

The first thing I noticed after taking it out of the packaging was the contrast between the white matte surface and the bright orange power cable.

+11 bottle humidifier

There are two simple controls on the humidifier marked with a + and -. Pressing the + once will start the device regularly, and pressing it a second time will start it in intermittent mode — perfect for smaller areas.

+11 bottle humidifier

When the unit is running, a soft blinking light appears above the controls. These are my favorite type of indicators, as they only need to be visible when the device is on.

+11 bottle humidifier

Another one of my favorite things about the design is the pottery like qualities of the matte material, combined with the sharp edges near the top.

+11 bottle humidifier

It reminds me a little of the handmade vases from Tortus Copenhagen. It sits tall just shy of 8 inches.

+11 bottle humidifier

It’s been designed with an ultrasonic nebulizer, which is energy efficient, and automatically turns off when water is depleted.

+11 bottle humidifier

The humidifier is made of PC-ABS thermoplastic which is a durable, heat resistant material.

+11 bottle humidifier

The humidifier has a capacity of 440ml (15oz.) and will automatically turn off when depleted, or after 5 hours of use.


It’s filled by merely lifting the humidifier off its base.


The filters are replaceable, and each unit comes with an extra.

+11 bottle humidifier

The USB power cable is about 55 inches long, and I’ve typically been using it plugged into my laptop, or in an outlet with an old iPhone charger.

+11 bottle humidifier

Final thoughts

The +11 Bottle Humidifier is one of my favorite items in my apartment from a design perspective, and will always have a spot on my desk, even when it’s not in use. While the output isn’t enough for a medium to large size room, it’s excellent in a small area while you’re working.

It’s the perfect example of a regular, everyday item that can instantly transform into something special with some thoughtful design. That mentality is apparent within the other products at 11+, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more.


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