Hast Selection Series Knife Set Review


Becky Pace

February 26, 2024

Hast Selection Series Knife Set Review

I’ve experienced a lot in my culinary life. I’ve worked in kitchens, lived the single life in a tiny apartment in the city with whatever utensils did the trick, and through a mild obsession with cooking shows, I’ve learned to appreciate the joy of a well-thought-out knife.

My first proper, handmade Japanese knife was a monumental purchase, and I love using it every time I'm cooking. I was intrigued when Hast reached out to me about their new carbon steel Selection Series set of knives. As a company that has won multiple awards for its previous products, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these knives and… well, do some cutting.

I got an early set from their recently launched Kickstarter campaign to try out.

Woman slicing strawberries on a cutting board

The Hast Selection Series. A comprehensive seven-piece set designed with the highest level of functionality. Bolsterless ergonomic handles for maximum comfort, minimum strain, and seamless crevice-free blades. Every knife is lightweight and perfectly balanced, with ultra-thin blades engineered to the Japanese artisan knife standard. I’m in. 

close up of 2 knives on a cutting board

The aesthetically pleasing set is equipped with five knife models to handle all your culinary needs, an elegant ceramic honing rod, and a tempered glass knife block to display your set like a minimalist countertop piece of art. The set also boasts an exceptional sharpness standard, with the ultra-hard carbon steel, innovative engineering, and precision manufacturing all contributing to knives that stay sharp longer.

You can’t go wrong with that.

Knife collection

Paring Knife

A 3.5” knife, small but sturdy, perfect for delicate kitchen business like peeling fruit or deveining shrimp. Just what you need for precision. Fancy fruit garnishes, anyone?

Boning Knife

Your 5” boning knife has a high-tip blade that makes it easy to loosen bones and remove fat and tendons, gliding through the most challenging proteins with ease. We’ve all experienced trying to do this with a less-than-ideal tool.

This one will come in handy.

Utility Knife

This 5” utility blade is your ideal choice for cutting smaller vegetables, cooked meats, and all the in-between tasks. Your quick-grab best bud.

Bread Knife

The 8” bread knife is the serrated solution you’ve always needed. Cut through softer bread without crushing and slice through those delicious harder crusts without causing chaos. 

Chef Knife

A good chef knife is crucial. This 8” blade is perfect for chopping and dicing fruits and veggies and cutting through meat. Ergonomic design is critical here, as you’re often cutting through more resistant foods that can cause strain on your wrists. 

Santoku Knife

Hast also sent me this 6” Santoku knife. This will be one of your top kitchen essentials, perfect for thinner slices of protein like fish or julienning vegetables. It doesn’t come as a part of the set, but you can order it separately.

Ceramic Honing Rod

Though these Hast knives are designed to have lasting sharpness, you’ll be using them so much that eventually, they may need a little tune-up. This honing rod was specially engineered to have the maximum sharpening effect while keeping your edges smooth.

Tempered Glass Knife Block

This knife block seals the deal. Created to tie everything together, it stores your set, including honing rod, in a satisfying, minimal manner. The last thing we want is more clutter on the countertop, and this acts as a statement piece while keeping things looking clean.

What else did I love about this set?

The design of the knives is beautiful. Visually, as well as in function. They felt easy to maneuver, and the balance was noticeable compared to other knives that feel very handle-heavy.

The crevice-free construction is a dream. No more worrying about getting build-up in the joint between the blade and handle or stressing that you didn’t wash well enough after cutting chicken. 

The knives came individually stowed in secure packaging. Each sturdy box had foam shaped around the knife snugly. This was a relief, as I was concerned about opening knives shipped through the mail and coming across a blade that may have shifted. This thoughtful detail confirmed the intention that Hast put into their collection.

I can confidently say that this set will be a valued addition to many kitchens. The manufacturing quality has made for a fantastic product, and the high level of purposeful engineering is tangible. I thoroughly enjoyed using these knives, and storing them in the visually pleasing knife block was the cherry on top. 

They just went live on kickstarter, so grab a set before they increase in price at retail.

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