Hand Stand Planter — A Fun Human Inspired Design


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Hand Stand Planter — A Fun Human Inspired Design

The Hand Stand planter is the latest release from designer Carmen Ellis. Like her previous collection, this stand is sticking to her anthropomorphic style which helps all of her pieces retain a very unique sense of style.

planter with brass hand base

I like the contrasting elements on this piece, especially when there is a plant inside. The green mixed with the soft matte stone planter, grounded by the 3 foot brass hands is a striking combination.

planter with brass hand base

As an added bonus, you can scan this AR code on your mobile, and place the planter anywhere in your home. I love this for items of this size, as it’s often so hard to get an understanding of how it will fit in your home with just photos.

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