Car Thing from Spotify - Gimmick or useful?


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Car Thing from Spotify - Gimmick or useful?

What is Spotify Car thing?

Spotify just released Car Thing—their new smart player that uses voice commands to control your Spotify premium account inside your car. One of the best parts is that initially gave this thing away for free to their US customers (it's no longer free, sadly).

Man turning control wheel on spotify car thing

It's specifically designed for cars, and quickly attaches with their universal mount to any vent.

car thing attached to vent playing sunday morning by hidden  jewelss

The display is pretty straight forward, and is controlled with voice, touch screen buttons, or the giant dial. All can be used to browse select, play, or discover new music.

car thing attached to car vent playing a podcast

There are also four preset buttons that allow you to quickly listen to your commonly played artists, playlists, stations and podcasts.

6 spotify car things showing various UI states

Spotify Car Thing price

The Car Thing was free on launch, but is now retailing for $89.99. It's only available to US residents, and you can get one by visiting their site. Just a heads up — the device is only going to be available for Spotify Premium customers.

Spotify Car Thing in Canada

As a Canadian, I'm used to getting tech a little bit behind our American friends. There is no official release date announced for the Car Thing in Canada, but I'll keep my eyes open and will post any updates as they come in.

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