Earthfoam Review — Organic Materials Designed to Sleep Better on


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Earthfoam Review — Organic Materials Designed to Sleep Better on

Earmfoam is a brand new family-owned bedding company providing ethnically made mattresses and pillows, using natural, sustainable products.

In a world of synthetic products shipped from overseas, this new brand caught my eye, and I wanted to take a closer look at what they were offering.

Mattress design

At the end of the day, it looks like any other mattress on the market. I do have to give kudos to their marketing team for the direction they are taking the brand—I love the overall feel of the site and product photos.

The difference really comes down the inside, and that's where Earthfoam is standing out from other mattresses on the market.

Each mattress is made up of 5 distinct layers, each with it's own specific function.

  • Rubber base
  • Rubber comfort layer
  • Organic wool batting
  • Organic quilt backing
  • Organic cotton knit face

Put these together and you end up with one of the most comfortable mattresses available (according to all the positive reviews).

Made with organic materials


TIL that mattresses used to be made from rubber trees until synthetic products came around and changed everything.

Earthfoam is going back to those roots by using sustainably grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka grown by a network of 323 farmers employing over 1200+ people.

Each farm is certified organic, which has a positive byproducts of reducing water and energy use during the manufacturing and processing of these materials.



Earthfoam also uses 100% organic wool sourced from New Zealand to create a lush padding between the inner rubber layer of the mattress, and the top cotton cover.

They've committed to buying set amounts of wool each year at fair prices, creating direct relationships with the farmers producing the material for their products. This is a huge deal to these farmers, as long term relationships ease a lot of the stress throughout the year.

100% ethically made

Each one of their products is designed and made in the family owned Illinois factory. It's a nice little change from the mass produced products being shipped from overseas, and something I'm glad more people are starting to take more seriously.

They claim these sort of ethical decisions are easier to make, since they don't have shareholders to report to, demanding profit increases year over year.

10 year warranty

Warranty is always a big question on my mind when it comes to new brands, but it looks like Earthfoam is providing a whooping 10 year warranty for mattresses, which should take some of the risk away.

If you're just picking up a pillow or topper, they both include 5 year warranties.

What does it cost?

The price point of these mattresses starting at $699 puts it right in the realm of the other bed in the box companies.

Their mattress topper starts at $199 and their pillow goes for $99.

What are the downsides?

There is always a risk spending $600+ on a product from a brand new company, without many long term reviews on the market to reference.

It looks like they are trying to mitigate that risk by offering all the usual safety nets including free shipping, the 10 year warranty, and 100 night sleep guarantee.

As someone that's changing my purchasing decisions towards companies focusing on ethical production, this is one company I'm going to continue looking at in the future.

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