14 Modern Cat Tents That Will Look Good in Your Home (2024)


Bryan Maniotakis

April 1, 2024

14 Modern Cat Tents That Will Look Good in Your Home (2024)

If you have a cat, you know they like squeezing their liquid-like bodies into any tiny space. Believe it or not, they don’t only do this because they’re weird. They also want to feel safe and secure and know that they aren’t exposed to possible danger. 

Another thing you know if you have a cat is how many kitschy, animated, brightly colored cat beds are out there. We want our pets to have a cozy retreat, but even though some of us talk with our furry friends in a repulsive manner, we still want their homes to be tasteful and well-designed. We prefer the look of a lovely modern cat tent, rather than an open bed, to keep things structured, closed off/concealed, and clean.

Here’s our curated list of recommendations for your favorite feline.

Happy Camper Cat Bed

It’s the little details that we love about good design. To suit all different cats, this bed is reversible, with wood veneer on one side and scratch-resistant felt on the other. And, of course, a cushion inside for your majesty to lay on.

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Adventure Tent

We love the simplicity of this cotton cat tent. The top can be opened, closed, or even removed for your cat to lay in the sunshine. The raised base looks nice and keeps things easy to clean, which is never a bad thing.

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Peekaboo Cat Bed

The Peekaboo Cat Bed by Tuft and Paw is adorable and tasteful. Various cutouts make for Instagram-worthy pics of that little face, while a wooden frame and easy-to-clean felt give the structure and simplicity we want.

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Cat House

We love the look of this tent. Simple construction and your choice of color for the frame and the fur. Important to note that the included fur is rabbit, so this may or may not be for you.
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Triangle Cat Tent

This tent is a little unorthodox compared to the others, as it’s made from dense cardboard. While it may not have the longevity as some others, the price reflects that, and this may be the ideal solution if your cat tends to scratch more than others.

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Vulcan Cat Tent

This Vulcan cat tent is slightly bolder with its darker fabric and copper tubing accents. The tent cover and cushion cover are entirely removable and machine washable. Win.

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Triangle Cat House

Now, onto something a little brighter with this next tent. The light wood and softer fabric with textured accents give this a more subtle presence. 

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Open Top Cat Tent

We’re enjoying this tent's unique shape and construction, giving some variety to the genre. Check out the different wood options as well. Remember, again, the fur is rabbit, so purchase accordingly. 

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Indoor Cat House

Adding even more variety to our list is this carved wood cat tent. The artistic element adds some personality without needing busy colors or materials. 

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Minimalist Cat House / Scratcher

Some cats need a bit more of a sturdy structure, and this fits the bill. And scratching posts on the sides eliminate the need for too much pet furniture getting in the way. 

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Aurora Cat Tent

You always need a monochrome light option. Each panel is removable, including the cushion cover. Plus, it’s a little larger, so you have an excuse to buy more cats.

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Mounntain Peak

The Mountain Peak cat tent has been thoughtfully crafted to cover the top section yet still allow airflow, so your furry companion doesn’t get too hot. Added bonus? More petting access.
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Choco Tent

The Choco tent, available in a selection of colors, looks simple and clean. But still with a luxurious, billowy cushion inside for the master of the house.

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Boho Cat House

Our last cat tent provides some aesthetic texture while staying simple. The cord mat is washable, and the seller also offers replacements and different colors for purchase if you want to change the flavor from one day to the next.

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Final thoughts

We hope you were able to find the purrfect cat tent to suit your animal as well as your home. And can we please acknowledge that we got through that entire article with no cat puns until this last paragraph? Thank you.

Happy tenting, and if you're looking for a cozy little space for yourself, check out our review on this human dog bed.

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