Lumi Therapy Ice Bath: A Guide to Cold Water Therapy


Taylor Anderson

February 26, 2024

Lumi Therapy Ice Bath: A Guide to Cold Water Therapy

After hours of strenuous exercise or miles of running in preparation for a marathon, many athletes like to help their bodies recover from exertion using cold immersion therapy. I'm one of those people, after discovering how great ice baths great after MMA training using my Lumi Therapy ice bath.


Many studies have theorised that taking ice baths post-workout improves circulation and relieves aches. But is that true?

In this guide, we go through the benefits of ice baths backed by scientific research. We also specify who ice baths are for followed by a review of one of the best brands on the market: Lumi Therapy ice baths.

Let’s dive in!

What Are the Benefits of Ice Baths?

There has been some recent research about the specific benefits of ice baths, and these products have become especially popular after this in depth look on the Huberman podcast:

The theory that backs this up is that, after an intense workout, our bodies are subject to microtraumas, which are small tears in the muscles.

These tears cause pain and soreness after exercising, which ice baths can help alleviate by constricting the blood vessels and getting rid of lactic acid. Then, as the body warms up, the dilation of these vessels boosts circulation, which speeds up the healing process.

Other benefits that were linked to cold immersion therapy include:


Temporary Pain Relief

A study conducted in 2016 on jiu-jitsu athletes has concluded that taking a cold bath after training may aid with muscle soreness. 

The recovery process can become even faster when an athlete takes a warm bath right after the ice bath, which is also known as contrast water therapy.

Reducing Inflammation

Another great advantage of taking ice baths after hard workouts is that they help ease the inflammation of the muscles

However, keep in mind that this therapy may get in the way of speedy muscle growth, which may hinder the progress of bodybuilders.


Who Are Ice Baths for?

Generally, ice baths are recommended for people who want to minimise the chance of their muscles becoming sore after an intense workout.

Ice baths can be beneficial for runners, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals who play all sorts of sports (football, basketball, rugby, swimming, etc.).

Despite being labelled as safe for everyone to use, taking ice baths may not be the best idea for people with health conditions like high blood pressure. Other cases wherein you should be careful with ice bath use include:

  • Heart disease
  • Poor circulation
  • Cold agglutinin disease
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Diabetes
  • Venous stasis

Therefore, you must consult your doctor before trying cold immersion therapy to be extra safe.


How Long Is It Recommended to Spend in an Ice Bath?

While we still need more research to back this up, many athletes have agreed that they got the best results after spending around 5–10 minutes in an ice bath at 10–15 degrees Celsius.

However, if this is your first time trying cold immersion therapy, we suggest you take it slow. Start at 2–3 minutes and build your endurance from there.

The Best Lumi Therapy Ice Baths to Consider Buying

Thanks to the numerous benefits of ice baths, you might be ready to purchase your personal ice bath pod. We suggest you give the products of Lumi Therapy a try because of their innovative designs, comparatively small footprints, and minimalist appearance.

Here’s a review of the Lumi Recovery Pod Ice Bath and the Lumi Recovery PRO to give you the full picture before you make your purchase!

Lumi Recovery Pod Ice Bath

There’s a lot to admire about the regular Lumi Recovery Pod Ice Bath, but my favourite feature is that it’s compact, lightweight, and ready for you to take anywhere. 

The white circle at the top is the inflatable part of the icebath, giving you a bit more of a comfortable place to rest your head or arms compared to the harder plastic.

With a diameter of 80 cm, height of 75 cm, and an empty weight of 3.5 kg, it can be perfect for small homes and athletes who are always on the go.

Also, you’ll like its user-friendly, easy-to-operate system. Just fill it up with cold water, add the ice, and let the three-layer thermal TPE insulated pod keep the water at a steady temperature.

Plus, it comes with a Lumi Thermo™ insulated lid that bridges the gap between the icy water and other outdoor elements that could affect the water’s temperature. You can even upgrade to an all-weather cover, which helps keep debris, rainwater, and snow out.

Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Bath

If you want an ice bath that fits you and your partner, why not look at the Lumi Recovery PRO instead? You’ll like its extra length for a shared relaxation experience, but that’s not all.

The Lumi Recovery PRO gives you premium features combined with a minimalist design that fits seamlessly into all homes without appearing out of place. Its walls are constructed from black, durable rubber for a sleek look and heightened protection against the elements.

In addition, it comes with a sturdy lid that you can fix into place with strong clasps to ensure the cold water remains at an optimal temperature when not in use. 

Better still, if you’ve got some extra money, you can go with the optional Lumi Thermo CT1™ heater/chiller unit. It allows you to keep the water at 3 degrees Celsius or raise it to 42 degrees. This makes it a perfect investment for people who want to try contrast water therapy without leaving their homes!

Last but not least, the PRO gives you more features that sprinkle some luxury into your ice baths. With mobile app control, which is only available with the Lumi Thermo CT1™ add-on, you don’t have to leave your spot to tweak the temperature.


Lumi Therapy Ice Bath Alternatives

There are a few other ice baths on the market, my other favorite being the Nurecover Ice Bath. Check out that full review for my thoughts after using it for a few months.

If you want to take the plunge (hah) on a premium product, the Plunge Ice Bath is at the top of my list.

Lumi Therapy Coupon/Discount

Lumi Therapy has offered minimalgoods readers 15% off their purchase using code MINIMALLUMI (or you can just click this link to have it auto apply at checkout).

Final Words

Ice baths are popular in the world of athletes and fitness addicts because they help get rid of muscle soreness and promise a faster recovery after tough workouts. So, if you’re ready to give them a shot, we highly recommend it!

Two products you may want to consider purchasing are the Lumi Recovery Pod Ice Bath and Lumi Recovery PRO. Thanks to their ease of use, inflatable areas for comfort, limited footprints, and sturdy build, you can say goodbye to frequent spa visits and hello to unwinding at home.

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