The Best Samsung S8 Plus Cardholder Cases for 2023


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

The Best Samsung S8 Plus Cardholder Cases for 2023

The S8 Plus is one of Samsung’s flagship phones, loved for its great display and amazing low-light camera.

As with most flagship phones, it ain’t cheap, so purchasing a case is usually one of the first things people do.

What is a cardholder case?

A cardholder case is just like a normal phone case but includes the addition of an area where you can store a few of your cards.

This is a great minimalist approach since it eliminates the need to carry around a wallet as well.

My cardholder case picks

Here are my favorite cases for the S8 Plus, that not only provide extra protection and storage, but look great as well.


This is a simple option for those looking to stash a few cards but really value protection. This case is precision fit to the S8 Plus, has a tough bumper edge to protect from long falls, and is perfect for storing up to three cards.

One of the cards is available in a quick access slot when you open the back, and the other two are tucked away on the back of the phone.

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Goospery Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case with Card Holder and Mirror

Out of all of the cases on the list, this S8 case has the most minimalist design. Its other defining feature is a small mirror attachable mirror on the inside of the case.

This case will comfortably hold 2 cards, and has a small magnetic clasp to keep the case door closed securely.

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Shields Up Case with Kickstand

I wanted to include something a little bit different than the rest of the cases on this list, and this case was the winner with its unique clear design.

Not only does it have a card holder on the back, it also was a hidden kickstand/grip that pops out of the back of the case.

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Vofolen for Galaxy S8 Plus Case

This case has a super clean, minimal design and features a slide-out storage area on the back of the case for support of up to 2 cards. 

The design isn’t overly bulky and comes in a few colors, making this case a solid pick.

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Tough Armor Card Slot S8 Plus Case

This case is great because it’s thinner than the rest of the cases on this list, but still provides a decent amount of protection if you drop your phone. It only holds two cards though, so keep that in mind if you need to store more.

The other added benefit of this case is that it has way more color options than anything else on this list.

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Leather Case Wallet with Flip Cover for Samsung S8 Plus

Now technically, this would be considered a folio case, but I wanted to include it on this list for a bit more variety. 

Instead of the cards being attacked to the case, they are revealed when you open it up like a book. 

This is a solid option for those that require more storage than anything else on this list.

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I hope this guide has helped you narrow down some top picks when it comes to protecting your S8. My overall pick would be the Tough Armor Card Slot S8 Plus Case because of its simple design, but any one of the cases on this list would be a solid choice.

If you're an iPhone user, check out our recently published guide on the new iPhone cases from Nomad.

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