A wooden lego furniture collection for your home


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

A wooden lego furniture collection for your home

When I think of lego, the small plastic bricks that hurt to step on usually come to mind.

This month, Lego has partnered with Room Copenhagen and released an all-new minimal wooden product line for the home styled after the classic blocks. 

Lego is no stranger to wood  (they had a wooden set available 60 years ago), but this is the first time they’ve branched out of the world of toys, and into home furnishings.

This collection features picture frames, wall hangers, bookshelves, and desk drawers, and in true lego fashion, they are all modular.

The wooden product line is made from certified oak from the FSC and comes in both a soaped oak and a dark finish.

CEO of Room Copenhagen Jacbo Eberhard had this to say:

Room Copenhagen is well versed in creating and producing upscaled LEGO bricks for children’s storage and organization in the home, and this launch takes our collaboration with the lego group to the next level in terms of expanding the product line to target adults. 

We trialed it with the launch of the LEGO originals wooden Minifigure and the success of that product inspired us to bring out an entire range in the same material.

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