allisminimal — Simple Home Decor


Bryan Maniotakis

April 8, 2024

allisminimal — Simple Home Decor

allisminimal is a small design studio in Instanbul, focusing on creating minimalist pieces to elevate your space. While they typically focus on small decor items, they also have a small range of textiles and lights.

They sent me a few products to check out, so I wanted to give a quick impression of the items and how they fit in my home.

Arc / Stoneware

This is a beautiful stoneware piece that reminds me of some of the zen gardens that I visited in Japan.

It measures just over 12” long and has a lovely tactile feel paired with a soft, neutral color.

These are typically intended as trays for small items like keys or sunglasses, but I prefer to keep it untouched on my shelf.

Line Bookmark

Included in my package was the Line Bookmark, inspired by simple geometry prevalent in the Bauhaus school of design.

It’s constructed with a single piece of sheet metal, then covered in an electrostatic paint.

I was pleased to see how thin they made this bookmark, and it’s now taken the place of my main bookmark. 

I’ve been reading Armin Hofmann's Graphic Design Manual and highly recommend it—it’s an inspiring book about the simple relationship between a dot and a line.

Morse Wall Hangers

Morse is a simple collection of wooden shapes inspired by the visual reference of Morse code.

You can arrange them on your wall depending on your preferences, and are perfect for hanging accessories or items of clothing by the front door.

The tall version can be mounted vertically or horizontally (acting as a small shelf), but I chose the vertical orientation so that bags can easily be hung on it.

The circular mount is a bit more versatile and is great for hanging any type of coat or jacket.

I really love the look of these with nothing on them, but when you do have something hung on them, they just disappear.

While these are some of my favorite pieces from allisminimal, I recommend you check out their site to see if anything else grabs your attention.

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