22 interior sliding door designs for any home

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September 30, 2022

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Modern home decor. You fall in love with images of curated homes that look and feel simple. Clean. Effortless. When it comes to customizing your own home, you have to wade through hours of Google, Pinterest, and countless blogs to find something remotely close to what you’re imagining. 

Good news. We’ve waded through it for you.

Sliding doors can be a beautiful way to separate spaces in your home without a traditional doorway. 

We’ve found solutions that add to the modern aesthetic that is bound to please. 

Wooden sliding doors

large slatted sliding door in a modern living room

The Line Door delivers a subtle separation, allowing light to pass through both spaces. It is available as a sliding, pivot, pocket, or hinged door, giving options to suit your custom needs.

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open interior sliding doors showing full wood grain

This hanging sliding door has an elegant focus on the large-scale grain of the wood, creating a tasteful floor-to-ceiling effect.

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These panels’ solid, almost monochromatic continuity provides an accent wall with functionality that we would never tire of.

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closed slatted sliding door revealing living area with couches

Similar to the first slatted door on our list, but with a horizontal handle for an understated alternative.

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This sliding door is unique on this list because of its innovative wheel design for the track. Not only is it functional, but it adds a little bit of visual flair to the door as well.

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light colored sliding door with wheels visible on wall

This sliding door uses an in-wall mounting system that hides the track above the door. Perfect for those that want the smallest visual footprint possible.

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light colored sliding door with wheels visible on wall

Three vertical lines near this sliding door handle give it a bit of visual interest without it being too overpowering.

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white sliding door open with simple recessed square handle

It doesn’t get more simple than this. The clean white design allows it to blend into any home with a modern, contemporary interior.

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Sliding bedroom doors

closed sliding door in a living area with lots of wood grain visible

This solid closure option plays with the orientation of its wood grains for subtle variety without being overly complicated.

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​​Glass sliding doors

The Aladin Door is available in various glass options, our favorite being this smoked version reminiscent of vintage glassware.

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closed glass sliding door with blurred panes of glass for privacy

A muted glass finish like the Lady Interior door lends softness and purpose without closing off the space. 

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It’s hard to find a more crisp option than a solid, clear glass door. The large panels of the Quadra collection are the perfect answer.

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Frosted glass sliding door leading into closet

We can’t help but admire this soft effect, meant to imitate Japanese silk paper—extra privacy for a bonus.

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This tempered glass is slightly smoked, which helps soften some of the harsh light from outdoors while giving it a sleek aesthetic.

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A black aluminum frame complements this lovely sliding door. The glass is slightly textured, adding a touch of distortion for privacy (but not that much).

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Mirror sliding door

This sliding door is hung with a minimal metal frame and offers a large mirrored surface to help make the room it’s in look a little bit bigger.

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Unique interior sliding doors

Let the light through with this soft, almost linen-looking material on the surface of this sliding door.

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Japanese styled sliding interior door with horizontal slatted design

The partitioning systems of Japanese interiors inspire the design of this aluminum sliding door.

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​​Affordable sliding doors

Open white wooden door hanging from a black rail.

We like the contrast of the black metal track mixed with the added geometry on the matte white door.

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This metal-framed sliding door has two frosted glass windows to let a bit of light in, all while offering slight privacy.

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We like the chevron design on the matte black door—it adds a subtle pattern if you’re looking for a little more pop.

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Simple wooden door with no visible sliding hardware

This minimal sliding door is one of the few modern doors available on Amazon and might be a good option for those looking for a self-install.

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Bryan Maniotakis
Bryan Maniotakis
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