Record Storage Designed to be Flipped Through


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Record Storage Designed to be Flipped Through

Half the fun of collection records is showing them off, putting your music taste on full display in your home.

Usually, you'll see them tucked away in a cabinet or aligned vertically on a shelf similar to books.

This new shelf from Tone Optic goes for a familiar shelf approach, but its unique design allows the record storage to rotate 90 degrees when you pull the base out from the shelf.

white shelf storing records

Tone Optic partnered with a former Frank Gehry And Associates designer and former Boeing mechanical engineer to marry form and function.

The design is great for simplicity, but the functionality is perfect for those that still want to flip through their records.

These products are made one by one by a team of 3 in Los Angeles, and each unit will have a slightly different look depending on the wood grain.

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