Reviewing the Mudita Bell 2 and Mudita Harmony 2


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Reviewing the Mudita Bell 2 and Mudita Harmony 2

I used to start my mornings with the shrill alarm on my phone. It was convenient, but it had its share of issues. Each morning, I'd see an avalanche of notifications and emails. Before I could even sit up, I was drawn into the digital world.

My day began with stress and distraction instead of peace and serenity. So when Mudita approached me with an opportunity to try out their new minimalist alarm clocks, the Mudita Bell 2 and Mudita Harmony 2, I was more than willing.

This new product release contains two different alarm clocks, each with its own unique style. If you’re looking for a simple analog clock face, the Bell 2 has you covered.  If you want something with a little more bells and whistles (no pun intended), then the Harmony 2 will be right up your alley.

Both are now available on Kickstarter.

Mudita Bell 2

The Mudita Bell 2 is a minimalist alarm clock with an e-ink display designed to give you a calm and serene start to your day. It does one thing and does it well - wakes you up at the desired time, without any unnecessary distractions. 

The default bell sound is much more calming than the harsh alarms I’m accustomed to, making the act of waking up a pleasure rather than a chore.

Its minimalist design only has the essentials. There is a button at the top used to set the alarm, a button for the light, and a few more at the back to set the time and volume.

They opted for a USB-C charger (thankfully), and I appreciate the unique design of the speaker grille on the back.

The texture of the plastic is nice as well. It’s got a tiny bit of grip, making it almost feel like soft rubber.

Mudita Harmony 2

The Mudita Harmony 2, on the other hand, is an alarm clock with a few more features thrown in. It helps you wake up peacefully and ensures that you sleep soundly with some built-in sounds.

If you’re like me and love a good afternoon nap, the Harmony 2 also has a power nap feature that sets a quick alarm for 20 minutes.

If you want a simple meditation timer, the Harmony 2 also has that included, with the added benefit of showing how many minutes you’ve meditated with the clock.

Both products have a nice yellow hue to the light, which isn’t as blinding as a white glow in the middle of the night.

Another excellent little design detail is the visibility of this little orange ring when you have the alarm activated, making it easy to see at a glance. 

Once the alarm goes off, you just press it down and haul yourself out of bed. If you’re like me, you’ll probably hit the snooze button a few times first though.

I was also surprised to see that there were some face customization options available on the Harmony 2. I like the default one, but this stacked design is also an excellent alternative. There are a few more options with much more information visible, but I want to keep things simple.

The battery life is solid, lasting up to 3 weeks in standby mode. I’ve only had to charge it once after a week and a half, but I was going through all the sounds and features pretty heavily during this time.

The sounds

My favorite thing about both these products is the attention to detail in the music and alarm chimes. Everything has a peaceful vibe and feels very cohesive as you scroll through the list to find the sounds you like best.

I was pleasantly surprised to find audio of a Greek man reading a lullaby. He’s got a super relaxing voice, and you don’t need to understand Greek to feel relaxed while listening to it.

The Benefits of Not Having Your Phone in Your Room

Waking up without immediately reaching for your phone can feel liberating. When you sleep with your phone next to your bed, you start and end your day with digital noise. Here's why it's beneficial to avoid this:

Better Sleep Quality

The light from phone screens has been proven to disrupt our sleep patterns, making it harder to fall asleep and to stay asleep. A room without a phone promotes better sleep hygiene.

Reduced Anxiety

Starting your day with work emails and social media notifications can increase your stress levels. Waking up without these distractions allows you to begin your day peacefully.

Focus on Morning Routine

Without the distractions of your phone, you can prioritize a healthy morning routine. Whether it's yoga, meditation, or a morning run, these activities can have a powerful impact on your day.


Overall, I’ve been enjoying keeping my phone in my office and strictly using this alarm to wake up. I’m finding myself getting out of bed faster, because there isn’t much to do when you don’t have your phone handy right away.

If you want to give these a shot, I would highly recommend them. The beautiful design, packed with features and unique sounds, using an e-ink display puts this product in a league of its own in the market.

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