This modern cat scratching post design is a cut above

This modern cat scratching post design is a cut above

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November 24, 2021

Cats need to scratch. It’s in their nature. The problem is that most cat furniture is only designed for the needs of the cat, and not for the owner that has to place it into their home.

I love how designers are jumping into this market, designing modern pet products that don't leave an eyesore in your living room.

This is a great example of a product that's trying to stand out from the rest of the market. It's the Two Circles Cat Scratcher, and not only is it beautifully designed, it's highly functional as well. It consists of two scratchers—one fabric, and the other birchwood, attached in the middle with a soft place for your cat to rest on.

Launching soon for Milliong.

Design by Jiyoun Kim Studio

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