Modloft Furniture Review — 10 Of Our Favorite Picks


Taylor Anderson

February 26, 2024

Modloft Furniture Review  — 10 Of Our Favorite Picks

New interior styles are popping up every day, and we’re all constantly trying to live out our home fantasies by mixing and matching these styles.

No one wants a ‘modern’ only home anymore. People are now exploring modern styles with a twist, like Japandi, minimaliist modern, or the classic mid-century modern.

Well, Modloft responds to the customers’ desires and takes the ‘form-meets-function’ concept to a whole new level. No matter which modern style you have in mind, you can probably find furniture for it at Modolft.

I've been using a few of their products for a while now including the Lisson Dining Table, and Dover pendant lamp, and have been very impressed with each.

Modloft Brand History

Modloft was founded by Ted Toledano, a Miami-native designer who always had the vision to reinvent the idea of luxurious modern furniture. However, Modloft isn’t Ted’s first trial at entrepreneurship.

In 1998, Toledano founded, which is an e-commerce retailer that ended up being one of the fastest-growing startups of its generation.

According to Ted, he always had a passion for two fields: tech and design. He saw Modloft as a way to put his 20-year-old passions to good use, and at the same time, offer easily-accessible luxury furniture to the customers.

He also thought that Modloft would be the starting gun to a change in the entire furniture industry that was, in his words, protected for more than a century.

Ted Toledano says that Miami served as inspiration for his design passion, with its constant celebration of places and new styles.

Currently, Ted Toledano is the Founder and Chief Visionary of the modern furniture brand, and he successfully led it to be one of the most reputable luxury furniture brands in the country.

How It All Started

According to Modloft, their most celebrated design is the Worth Bed. The manufacturers believe that this bed was the first domino piece that fell and all the others followed.

hey designed this bed in 2007; it ended up being one of their best-sellers, and it put them at the ladder’s top of the furniture market in the US.

After that, plenty of beautiful designs followed, like the 2010 Kent chair and the latest iconic creation, the 2021 Carlisle sofa.

Everything That Modloft Offers

Modloft doesn’t only offer furniture pieces, but it also lists luxury home accessories, like lamps and office decor.

For one, the brand offers outdoor furniture, including tables, rugs, and sofas. On top of that, it offers living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. That includes cabinets, consoles, benches, storage units, and mirrors.

Aside from home furniture, Modloft also offers office furniture, including desks, chairs, and bookcases.

Lastly, the brand sells recreational furniture, like gaming tables. There’s literally nothing in the furniture world that you won’t find at Modloft!

Top Modloft Products

After purchasing two products from Modloft (the Lisson Dining table, and Dover Pendant lamp), I wanted to continue adding to our new home, and figured I'd take a bit of a deep dive on the rest of their brand and products.

Out of their entire collection, here are my favorite items featuring a minimalist design, that should fit into any home.

Lisson Dining Table

Dining tables with four legs are outdated, don’t you think? If you’re designing a contemporary house, you may want to take a look at the Lisson dining table with its closed-loop base.

It’s the epitome of modern furniture with its single-piece construction. It looks like it was carved out of the same piece of wood, which adds to its allure.

The table’s top is oversized, extending over the base. It’s also covered in a walnut veneer that makes it look like something out of a Disney castle!

The Lisson can fit up to 12 chairs, depending on the size of the chairs you choose.

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Dover Pendant Lamp

If you’re buying the Lisson dining table, you need a lamp that matches its awesomeness. You won’t find a sleeker lamp than the Dover Pendant. It’s minimalistic, contemporary, and everything you’re looking for.

Whether you’re going after a minimalistic, modern, contemporary, or even industrial style, the Dover Pendant lamp will go with it. You may need to get more than one lamp to get the glowy effect you want, but the lamp generally matches plenty of interior styles.

The lamp’s ring is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, while the pendant inside is made of polished brass.

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Lucerne Sofa

If you’re going after a minimalistic style with furniture that blends into the background, you can do plenty of work with the Lucerne sofa. It’s a low-profile sofa that offers a relaxed fit and a comfortable seating area.

The sofa is 96 inches wide, which means it can fit two or three people comfortably. You can also have it in sectional configurations if you prefer. On top of that, it comes with oversized pillows for backrests. They’re supported at the back by round bolsters, so they don’t slide down the sofa’s short back.

The sofa’s body is made of alder wood, and its legs are hidden to give it a sleek look.

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Charles Armchair

Are you in the mood for a mid-century living room but your partner desperately wants a modern one? Well, that’s not a problem if you take a look at Modloft’s collection. One example is the Charles armchair, which is the perfect blend of the two interior styles.

The armchair features grain leather upholstery with two steel arms for a frame. The leather is available in two colors: cognac and gunmetal.

According to Modloft, the leather upholstery is treated with wax, aniline, and oil to prevent the color from fading. Plus, because the leather is natural, each armchair is unique with its own print and natural marks.

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Beckenham Media Console

A console needs to be both minimalistic and functional, and that’s exactly what Modloft’s Beckenham media console promises.

The console doesn’t offer much in terms of looks because let’s face it, you’ll be looking at the TV anyways. However, it’s highly functional, offering plenty of storage space in the three full-extension drawers and the shelf above them.

The console would be ideal for a Playstation because you have enough space to store all tools you need. Other than that, it’s perfect for TVs.

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Oliver Side Tables

Nesting coffee tables are perfect for small spaces because they don’t take up much space, yet they offer enough room if you ever want to separate them. The Oliver coffee tables from Modloft feature a delicate design with oak bases and rounded ceramic tops.

The ceramic tops are covered in marble coating, and they’re available in black and white colors.

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Haru Bed

The Haru bed is a modern portrayal of Japanese minimalist designs. With its angled legs and curved lines, the bed softly blends into the background without outshining the rest of your room’s furniture.

The bed is as simple as they come, featuring a wooden base and an upholstered headboard that comes in soft gray. The headboard is curved to give a cocooning feeling to the users and to take as little wall space as possible.

It’s worth noting that the Haru bed comes without a mattress, but you can always buy one for it from Modloft’s collection.

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Hampton Desk

The Hampton desk is one of Modloft’s most iconic creations to date. It’s a bit costly, but it’s worth every dollar with its sleek design and high functionality. The desk features an upper shelf and a wide drawer in addition to the main surface.

It’s made with a solid wooden base, and its surface is covered with a hand-stitched leather layer that all but adds to the desk’s elegance.

The desk is only available in one color, but it goes with plenty of interiors because of its neutral colors.

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Santos Foosball Table

Were you always jealous of Joey and Chandler’s foosball table and couldn’t wait to get your own?

Well, here’s an awesome table that Joey probably couldn’t afford!

The Santos foosball table is the perfect portrayal of Modloft’s design vision: minimalistic, luxurious, and modern. The table ditches the green color of foosball tables and instead features a sleek black structure.

It has round legs made of Brazilian walnut, and its height is adjustable to fit all players. On top of that, the playing field is made of tempered glass, which only adds to the table’s modern beauty.

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Lucida Chair

Are you renovating your house’s outdoor area? Well, you’ll want to consider the Lucida accent chair as the latest addition to your seated area.

With its pear-shaped frame and rope cording, the chair is ideal for modern and contemporary settings.

Plus, it’s not only a pretty face. The Lucida’s frame is made of eucalyptus, which is a waterproof material that doesn’t disintegrate after being left out for a long time. You can leave it out in the rainy season, and it’ll stay as good as new.

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Final Thoughts

Modloft offers a new perspective on modern furniture design. It doesn’t follow the crowd as a lot of brands do, but it creates its own vision, thanks to the head designer, Ted Toledano.

The brand specializes in high-end, modern furniture and it offers all pieces you can think of. From storage cabinets, consoles, and coffee tables to mirrors, nightstands, and even foosball tables.

While these are just a few of my favorite picks from their collection, I recommend you check out the rest of the products on their site as well.

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