Beis Luggage Review — It's Time to Travel in Style


Taylor Anderson

February 26, 2024

Beis Luggage Review — It's Time to Travel in Style

As a frequent traveler, packing my luggage has always been a huge part of my pre-flight preparations.

For that reason, I always find quality travel suitcases a great investment that can save you a lot of time and effort on these busy days.

If you’re looking for a good recommendation for your travel suitcase, you’ve probably heard of Beis.

During a recent trip to Europe, I decided to purchase some Beis luggage and have been happy with the product during my travels.

If you want to find out more about this brand and whether it’s a good pick, this guide will have you covered with a Beis luggage review. So let’s dive in and see what it has to offer!

2 types of luggage from beis

About Beis

Beis is a relatively new brand, as it has been on the market since only 2018. The CEO and founder of the company is the Canadian actress Shay Mitchell from “Pretty Little Liars”.

Mitchell wanted to create a unique travel luggage brand that provides on all fronts, whether it’s versatility, practicality, and style, all the while coming at a relatively affordable cost.

In addition to large travel luggage, the company also features a variety of smaller bags for multiple purposes, including cosmetic bags, baby bags, work bags, and more. You can also find a nice collection of travel accessories and wallets in the company’s store.

A Brief Overview of Beis Luggage Lines

Here’s a quick overview of the Beis Luggage line and what it has to offer as well as some quick impressions of each one of them:

3 popular beige luggage

Carry-on Rollers

The carry-on rollers are among the most popular lines in Beis Luggage because their size is ideal for most light and moderate packers out there.

The external dimensions of this 21-inch bag are 22.8 inches long, 15.75 inches wide, and 9.8 inches deep. This gives the bag a total volume of around 49 liters but can be extended to 61 liters.

The bag is available in a polycarbonate hard shell as well as a soft-sided collapsible design for easy storage when you don’t need the bag.

man with luggage

Check-in Rollers

Another incredibly popular line from Beis is the Check-in Rollers. At first glance, this one is fairly similar to the Carry-in rollers in terms of design. However, this one dwarfs it with a much larger size and capacity.

The Check-in roller is available in two different sizes, including a regular-sized 26-inch roller bag as well as a remarkably large 29-inch version.

The largest option is 30.5 inches tall, 18.7 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, which gives you up to 112 liters of storage capacity

This model is ideal for serious travelers and commuters, especially those who need to pack a lot of essentials or go on an extended stay.

Another similarity that this line shares with the Carry-on line is that it’s also available in the soft-sided collapsible version, although it’s only available in the large 29-inch variety.

Woman holding beis tote bag

Tote Bags

For short travels and commutes that don’t require a lot of packing, you can also go for Beis's extensive variety of tote bags.

Besides travel and work totes, the most popular tote bag line from Beis is the Weekender, which is available in Standard, Mini, and Convertible varieties.

These bags share the same sturdy jute canvas construction and synthetic leather trim, with capacities that extend from 33 liters to 49 liters split into multiple compartments.

woman holding beige backpack

Smaller Bags and Backpacks

In addition to rollers and tote bags, Beis also has a decent variety of smaller bags for various purposes.

This includes a small selection of small gym bags, baby travel bags, pet bags, and various backpacks.

beis luggage with backpack

Beis Luggage Top Features and Highlights

Whether you’re a casual or frequent traveler, you should always make sure that you invest in a quality travel suitcase to take care of your luggage. Here are some of the top features that make Beis Travel stand out when it comes to luggage:

Incredibly Durable for Long-Term Use

Although I’m a big fan of traveling in style, travel bags go through a lot of rough handling, so they need to be incredibly durable to protect your luggage and also to serve you for a long time.

Luckily, Beis bags are built to last and withstand heavy use without breaking or showing signs of early wear. The hard shell bags are made from virgin polycarbonate and PVC, which is much sturdier than recycled alternatives.

The bag also uses a combination of high-density polyester and nylon that protects the bag from wear and tear.

Moreover, Beis uses solid zippers that don’t break and protect them with a water-repellent flap for added moisture protection.

Comes in Various Sizes with Expandable Capacity

As previously established, Beis bags come in multiple size options that suit all kinds of travelers from commuters and light packers all the way to those who like to go on extended trips.

Additionally, the 21-inch carry-on rollers come with an expandable capacity that you can control using a zipper.

This one adds around 2 extra inches, which translates to up to 12 additional liters of storage space.

This extra space comes in handy when you want to keep your unfolded clothes in the bag, saving you the hassle of folding everything neatly between flights.

Comfortable to Carry and Roll Around

One aspect that a lot of people overlook while choosing roller luggage is how comfortable they are when carried or moved around.

When it comes to Beis rollers, the company uses premium quality Hinomoto rollers, which move freely at 360 degrees and roll nicely on both smooth and carpeted floors.

The handles on both the carry-on and check-in rollers are cushioned, which makes them easier to pull around without leaving you with red palms. The carry-on roller also features a soft side handle that allows you to carry it around easily.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

In addition to having a sleek design, I also love that Beis luggage comes in 6 different colors, including black, gray, beige, navy blue, maple red, and atlas pink.

Of course, the colors alone shouldn’t be a reason to pick a particular brand, but it’s always nice to see such a high-quality option available in various colors that can match your style!

The bags also have a faux leather trim that feels a lot nicer and more premium than the cheap plastic finish of most carry-on and check-in luggage on the market.

Perfectly Organized for Easy Packing

Although many luggage brands split the interior space of their bags into compartments, I really like how neatly organized everything is inside Beis's luggage.

For example, the interior of the carry-on rollers comes with a transparent zippered compartment that makes it a lot easier to keep track of what’s in the bag.

Not only that, but it’s equipped with various straps with buckles to keep everything stabilized and safe.

Decently Affordable Price

Travel luggage is a long-term investment, as a high-quality model can be very cost-effective in the long run, saving you the extra costs of buying new bags to replace old and worn ones.

However, at such a fair price, Beis luggage is an exemplary bang for the buck and can give even the most expensive and premium travel bags a run for their money!

woman standing with a collection of brown beis bags

Equipped with Various Extra Features

In addition to all the quality features that Beis luggage has, there are some extra features that add a lot of value to the luggage that I must share with you. So here’s a quick look at them:

TSA Locks

Most luggage has TSA locks. However, I like the placement of this one on the side rather than the top.

This way, when it’s raining on the bag, the water can’t leak through the lock or damage it.

Built-in Weight Indicator

This one is available in both the carry-on and check-in rollers, which allows you to quickly measure the weight of the bag to make sure that it’s within the airline’s limits.

Exterior Strap for Extra Baggage

We all like to rest our extra baggage above the luggage but they can easily fall when they’re not secure.

Luckily, Beis luggage comes with built-in straps that you can buckle on to stabilize your bags while rolling around!

variety of beis luggage in an apartment

Beis Luggage Pros and Cons

Now that you know more about Beis and its products, here’s a quick summary of the best advantages and drawbacks of buying Beis luggage and bags:


  • Built to last with extra durable materials for both soft and hard shell bags
  • Resistant to stains and moisture
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sleek designs
  • Ergonomic wheels for easy maneuvering on heavy luggage
  • The padded handles make it a breeze to pull around in long distances


  • The handlebar may feel a little wobbly when it is fully extended
  • The laundry bags that come with the bags don’t hold up as much as the bag itself
beis bag in back of car

Final Thoughts: Is Beis Luggage Worth It?

With decent build quality, aesthetically pleasing designs, and an incredible range of options, it’s safe to say that Beis luggage is an excellent choice to go for.

Besides all these perks, the rollers, especially the larger ones, are available at a remarkably affordable price when compared to other brands, all the while providing a sturdy performance that lasts for a very long time, even with extended heavy use.

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