Heir Handpipe Review — A High end Product Packed With Surprises


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Heir Handpipe Review — A High end Product Packed With Surprises

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to check out the Heir Waterpipe — a premium smoking tool that didn’t hold back when it comes to premium design sensibilities and construction.

Well, guess what? Heir is back with an update to their flagship hand pipe and we had a chance to take a closer look.

The “Dusk” version is a blacked-out update of their classic model, and boy, it does not disappoint.

Let’s get into it.

Simple packaging

heir handpipe box and packing

The packaging for Heir products has always been minimalistic and well-constructed.

My package came with a box for the pipe, some extra filters, as well as a really nice felt carrying case.

heir box with filters on table

I was surprised to see how many filters were included if you opted for the extra box (80 extra!). They say each filter can last for 5 sessions, so 400 sessions should tide you over for a while (...right?).

heir pipe box open showing pipe inside

Popping open the box, we’re greeted by the pipe, the included filters (10 in total), and a handy cleaning tool/lanyard (we’ll get into that later).

Heir instruction cards laying on table

It also comes with 4 double sided cards that explain the features of the pipe, as well as how to properly disassemble and clean it.

Design details

Heir handpipe on felt case

This thing is beautiful.

The pipe is made from Stainless Steel, Zirconia Ceramic, PPSU (Medical Grade Resin), and silicon. 

It also feels really solid, and weighs more than I thought, making it feel all the more premium.

heir handpipe logo on bottom of bowl

As usual, Heir keeps the branding to a minimum which is always appreciated. The only thing you’ll find on the pipe is their logo tucked away on the bottom of the bowl.

Closeup of felt bag with pipe on top
woman putting pipe into felt case

Even this felt carrying case surprised me. The material is premium, and it’s nice to have a little extra protection against scratches if you're taking it on the go.

woman taking off lid on heir handpipe
woman taking off lid on heir handpipe
woman taking off lid on heir handpipe

Here’s where we start getting into the signature design element of the heir hand pipe—the magnetic cover that snaps onto the bowl, making it easy to transport.

The magnetic strength of this thing is no joke either; you will not have to worry about the lid easily popping off in your bag.

heir handpipe sitting on stand on table

Here’s the best part—the magnetic lid acts as a stand, making it the most photogenic pipe on the market. I just want to leave it out on display.

Easy to clean

woman unscrewing handpipe
woman taking off bowl on handpipe

The pipe is modular, meaning it’s super simple to take apart and clean. It also means you can purchase parts individually if you ever need a replacement.

Give the bowl a little twist and pull, and it pops right off, revealing the filter inside.

woman taking filter out of handpipe
woman taking filter out of handpipe

To replace the filters, you just pull it out of the stem and replace it with a fresh one.

woman cleaning pipe

At first, I thought the metal smoke tool was just for cleaning, but it also acts as a lever when you need to pop the bowl out of the housing.

woman cleaning pipe

Once you’ve popped the rubber seal, it's pretty easy to pull out with your fingers.

heir handpipe in pieces on table

Here are all the pieces taken apart, ready to be tossed in the dishwasher. That’s right, everything is dishwasher safe (except for the magnetic cap, don't put that in).

woman putting cleaning tool inside of heir handpipe
woman putting cleaning tool inside of heir handpipe

I didn’t notice this until I looked at the little instruction booklet, but the cleaning tool can be hidden inside the handle when it’s not in use!

Since the tool has a string attached to it, you can use it as a lanyard to carry it around. I wouldn’t recommend this though, the tool isn’t secured in with anything, so it’s bound to pop out sooner or later.


The Dusk model hand pipe in this review is priced at $120, but can go lower with the promo code below.

If you want to save $20 you could always go for the classic version, but it lacks a lot of features that I really love on this model.

Final thoughts

heir handpipe on table

After reviewing the Heir Waterpipe, I had an idea of what to expect from their Hand Pipe, but this still somehow exceeded my expectations.

The clean design and premium materials just ooze attention to detail in every aspect of this product, and the amount of unexpected features put it at the forefront of the premium smoking market.

Highly recommended.

Use code MINIMALGOODS10 for 10% off your purchase, or simply use this link.

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