Chess — Stripped to the Essentials


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Chess — Stripped to the Essentials

As an avid chess player, I'm always on the look out for well-designed, simple chess boards. My perfect board is still not out there, but this version from Tarek Elkassouf Studio is taking steps in the right direction.

This board is very minimalist, and instead of traditional shapes, they've opted for these simple metal blocks instead. The pawns are shorter than the primary pieces, which you can tell apart by a simple engraving on the top.

What really sets this board apart is the difference in options when it comes to materials—not just for the board, but for the pieces as well.

I love how each of these boards has a very defining texture and personality.

The pieces also come in a few options: Stainless Steel, Brass, Gun metal and Oxidised Brass.

While this set isn't cheap ($2500), its simple design and craftsmanship have elevated it from a board game, to a display piece you'll be keeping for a long time.

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