Casper Glow Review - Perfecting gesture controls

Casper Glow Review - Perfecting gesture controls

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July 7, 2021

Gesture based controls can be tricky. I’ll often see some shiny product video showing the product working perfectly, but when you actually get your hands on it, it fails miserably.

I’m really happy to say that isn't the case with the Casper Glow, in fact—I think they’ve absolutely nailed the controls on these simple little lights.

Casper glow lamp sitting on bedside table

My girlfriend and I have been using these lights every day for about 2 years now, so this is far from my first impressions.  In that time, I think I’ve had a small bluetooth hiccup using the app, but beyond that, they’ve been working as expected, flawlessly.

gasper glow lamp sitting on nightstand.

The Casper Glow lamp is what you expect, (it is a lamp after all), but what makes them a bit different from the rest is a gentle wind down period of 15 minutes that slowly fades the light, until it eventually turns off. The goal here was to gently coax you to sleep, but for the most part, we’ve been using them more in a traditional context where we manually turn them on and off.

female hand flipping the light over

So how do these things work? It's very straightforward. You flip the light over to turn it on and off, and twist it clockwise or counterclockwise to turn up or down the light. That’s pretty much it.

top viiew of lamp showcasing the big round button at the top

At either end of the light, you'll notice a large button. Tapping this will stop the glow from fading, and will keep it at the current brightness.

lamp on full brightness sitting on green carpet

The type of light on the Casper Glow is perfectly suited for the bedroom. It’s a soft (yet still bright) glow that’s evenly distributed throughout the entire casing. We’ve been using them for reading before bed for the most part, but the portability is great if you’ve got to get up in the middle of the night.

lamp on base with a slight glow coming from the bottom

Notice how the light in the photo above is only being illuminated near the bottom of the light? If you pick up the light and gently shake it, it’ll turn on that portion only, making it great for lighting up the floor as you’re walking around at night.

close up of the base station showing the shape

Each Glow has a simple base that's used to charge each lamp. Since they live on these pads all the time for us and are always charging, I haven’t been able to really test the battery life, but they are saying they’ll last up to seven hours.

woman reaching down and grabbing lamp from the top.

The bases also act as a nice little dish when you need to rotate the light to increase or decrease the light. They tend to work a little bit better from my experience, although most flat surfaces are more than fine.

2 lamps on a table, with a female hand pushing the top button on the lamp on the right.

The true magic of these apps comes to life when you pair multiples of them together. I have one on my side of the bed, and my girlfriend has one on hers, so we can both easily control them both, or on an individual basis if needed. If you dim one, the other will dim as well. If you want to control one and not the other, you simply give it a little shake and you can use it by itself.

caspper app on table beside lights showing user interface

They have a nicely designed companion app as well, which will allow you to control various settings, as well as pair additional Glows.

All in all, I really do love these little things, and would highly recommend them to someone looking for a minimal light with a ton of nice little features.


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