Braun BN0032 Watch Review - A design classic


Bryan Maniotakis

February 26, 2024

Braun BN0032 Watch Review - A design classic

Update: I noticed a lot of people looking for battery replacements. See the links below

BN0032Buy on Amazon

BN0035 (chronograph)Buy on Amazon

I’ve been looking for a simple, white-faced watch for the last couple months, and couldn’t resist this when I found it. Here is my Braun BN0032 watch review.

I’ve had this watch on my list for the last little while, but I was having a tough time finding it here in Calgary. On my recent trip to Japan, we discovered a neat little place called Sempre in Shinjuku, and low and behold there was a white and black one staring back at me through a glass case. After trying it on, I couldn’t resist. 20,000¥ (roughly $210 CAD) and I was out the door.

Braun BN00032

(On the red surface)

Braun BN0032 Watch

With a 40mm diameter x 8mm thickness, I like the size more than my other watches.

Braun BN0032 Watch

Subtle branding is debossed into the leather strap.

Braun BN0032 Watch

After getting used to the standard circle punches in the Tokyobay watch I’ve been wearing, these wider holes were a nice surprise.

Braun BN0032 Watch

The hardware is simple enough and matches the rest of the minimal design.

Braun BN0032 Watch

The timeless design is owed to one of Brauns most prolific designers – Dietrich Lubs.

Braun BN0032 Watch

The BN0032 opts for a straight quartz three hand/date movement. If you’re looking for a chronograph in a similar style, I’d recommend checking out the BN0035.

Braun BN0032 Watch

The crown has two pull depths, one to change the time, the other to change the date.

Braun BN0032 Watch

The back shows the model number, as well as it’s material and 50m water depth.

Braun BN0032 Watch

I like how simple the strap looks as it extends from the casing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this thing. It was a tough call choosing between the white and the black, so the black version of the BN0035 linked above might make it’s way to the collection eventually. Most importantly, it’s comfortable on the wrist, and it’s going to be my daily watch for the foreseeable future.

Update: I recently did a review of the newest ceramic Braun watch, the BN0171. Check out the review here if you’re looking for simple a bit simpler than the BN0035.

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