Apple Watch 7 primed for a September release

Apple Watch 7 primed for a September release

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August 13, 2021

My favorite thing about the recent release of Apple products is the throwback to it's older devices with more squared off corners. There are some Apple Watch 7 leaks and rumours saying that Apple is taking the same approach with its upcoming product release in September 2021.

Matt Talks Tech has an influential Youtube channel where he frequently discusses Apple Watch rumours. Not only does he mention what you would expect about the watch (OLED screen, better/faster processor, 5G connectivity), but he also says that there might even be a TouchID sensor built right into the crown button on the side (it was only a matter of time). Not much has been said about the material of the watch, but knowing Apple, it will probably be the same recyclable material they've been using on their previous watches, but might have an upgrade to the glass similar to the latest iPhones.

Here are some of his posted some leaks of the upcoming Apple Watch 7.

2 apple watches with different faces

There are actually pretty close to some renders that some other Industrial designs have put out lately, which I'm pretty happy to see.

Back of Apple watch 7 with strap
Back of Apple watch 7 face
Apple watch 7 face

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