Allsop Wireless Lantern

Allsop Wireless Lantern

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Color us absolutely taken with this two-in-one lantern: it’s got up to seven different hues ready to brighten your mood with the press of a button. Or opt for a warm natural glow if you please. What’s most unusual about this little light is the hidden speaker inside which you can control easily through your phone. Garden party….kitchen-dance-off’s...cozy reading sessions...whatever you’re in the mood for, it has a song (and a glow) to match.Includes remote control. 5 light modes with 7 LED colors. Wirefree ready. 10W Speaker. Stereo Bluetooth Pairing, 4.2 connection 2m micro USB Charging Cable. Run Time: Light & Speaker: 3-4 hrs Light Only: 8-10 hrs Indoor/Outdoor.Weather-Resistant Classification: IP44 Light-splash proof, do not leave outside in the rain.


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